Our "Mission"

"To be the best in the field of providing management information systems solutions to organisations. To excel in quality of service and customer satisfaction. Never to sacrifice quality for price."

Since 1981, Alan Rowntree has been in business to design and build 'Executive Information' systems and, in recent years, to provide comprehensive e-commerce management systems for companies worldwide.

He brings a breadth of experience in the area of marketing, design, management and IT systems skills - a combination well suited to today's move towards on-line marketing and management.

His systems skills include the application of MsAccess and web-based tools to design a wide variety of database driven management and eCommerce systems.

Alan Rowntree has been an accredited Consultant with the Institute of Enterprise, Enterprise Support, the Business Resource Service and Horwood International.

Alan Rowntree - MD

Alan Rowntree
- founded the business in 1981. In 1963, with a degree in Mathematics he worked as a Technical Advisor with ICL, pioneering development and training in the new skill of Financial Modelling. In 1981, after using these skills in senior management roles in industry, he founded the business now known as Alan Rowntree, specialising in consultancy tasks related to providing management with the tools and skills for Decision-Making based on Executive Information via IT systems.

Over the years he has pioneered the development of Management Information systems in companies with some considerable success, bringing his management, IT and systems experience to the benefit of clients.

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